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Being in a car accident is the last thing anyone wants – but when it does happen, there are ways of making sure that the legal and insurance issues are handled with as little stress as possible.

First of all – stay calm.

If someone is injured, be sure to call for medical help.

Call for Mackins on 02840638909/07729821066 and we will send a recovery truck to the scene to recover your vehicle

Make sure you call the police by calling Northern Ireland’s non-emergency phone number on 0845 600 8000.

Exchange Details with other Drivers

Witness details – If anyone has seen the accident, get their names, addresses and vehicle registration.

Note accident details – If you have a camera, perhaps on your mobile, take pictures of the scene. Remember to make notes of street names, skid marks, collision points, vehicle locations and directions of travel.

You must exchange details by law with the other driver; you will need their name, address, phone number, vehicle details and registration, insurance company and policy number.

Call us on 02840638909 or 07729821066 and we will take care of the situation from here

When you’re using a body shop to get repairs to your vehicle, be aware that the insurance company can recommend a shop, but you are under no legal obligation to use its services. You have the legal right to choose the shop to do your repairs.

Also be aware that insurance companies sometimes try to dictate what types of parts are used in a vehicle’s repair. They might insist that a shop not use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, as they are more expensive. You have a right to know what kind of parts are being used on your vehicle, and to know if your insurance policy dictates what kind of parts can be used in your car. If your policy lets you choose, you have the right to decide for yourself.

An insurance company also has the right to inspect your vehicle, but it is not required to do so. In addition, they cannot require you to visit one of their own claim centres.

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And finally: Make sure you learn from this accident, but also let yourself move on from what happened.
Everyone has an accident once in a while – it’s just something that happens.